PRIMA Program and Wefe4med Project Co-Creation Workshop

Fostering Innovation and Collaboration for a Dynamic WEFE Nexus Community

We are thrilled to announce that FrontAg Nexus was part of the co-creation workshop with the goal of establishing a dynamic WEFE Community of Practice, facilitated by the Prima Program and the Wefe4med project. This collaborative event took place in the charming town of Sitges, situated just outside Barcelona, on November 21-22, 2023.

Establish a WEFE Nexus Community

The primary objective of this workshop was to establish fundamental principles and foster co-creation within the WEFE Nexus Community of Practice, with a specific focus on the Mediterranean region. 

The workshop brought together specialists from PRIMA, the EU, other regional initiatives and EU projects who share a deep enthusiasm for influencing the direction of the WEFE Nexus Community. It was a productive and inspiring event aimed at making meaningful progress in the field. Furthermore, the favorable feedback from our Project Coordinator Prof. Gertrud Buchenrieder indicated that the event not only offered valuable insights but also created networking opportunities. 

“The PRIMA project days were inspiring. It was a great opportunity to network and create a WEFE Nexus community of practice to jointly advance the solutions for the pressing issue related to the WEFE Nexus in the Mediterranean area and beyond.”

Prof. Gertrud Buchenrieder

First day – PRIMA Projects Day (21st November 2023)

The Prima team offered valuable insights to enhance the efficiency of the project management process. Project coordinators actively participated in direct engagements with National Funding Agencies, facilitating meaningful discussions on established practices within project management. The latter part of the day presented opportunities for clustering and networking. 

Second day – Co-creating the WEFE Nexus Community of Practice and Charter Presentation (22nd November 2023)

The second day was highly engaging and dedicated in featuring interactive sessions, collaborative dialogues, opportunities for knowledge sharing and fertile ground for collective innovation. The pinnacle of the event was the announcement of the PRIMA 2023 WEFE Nexus Award winners, a way to underscore the need for collaboration and recognise solutions for water, food, and energy in the Mediterranean. 

*Photo: PRIMA Foundation


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