Exploring Agricultural Innovation: ElBosten-Pilot Video Highlights!

We are excited to bring you an exclusive update on the groundbreaking developments for our partner, ElBosten Phytagri, through our engaging video.

Journey through Innovation:

Our journey embarks with our guide Noureddine Boukil, Project Owner of ElBosten Phytargi, sharing insights into how we are shaping the agricultural landscape in Tunisia with cutting-edge, climate-smart and water-efficient agriculture practices.ย 

Greenhouse Construction Unveiled:

Witness the construction of our greenhouse, which is designed to be the backbone of our hydroponic system in Tunisia. This facility aims to create an optimised environment, minimise water usage and maximise crop yields while reducing environmental impact.ย 

Pitaya Plantation:ย 

Explore our Pitaya plantation, known for its resilience and drought resistance, which not only contributes to food security but also enhances community well-being with its rich nutritional profile.

Next milestone: Photovoltaic System Installation

Stay tuned for more updates on our Elbosten-Pilot as we will soon install our photovoltaic system. This step fully aligns with our commitment to sustainable energy practices, ensuring a more resilient and eco-friendly future.ย 

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