Celebrating Progress and Potential: International Women’s Day and the FrontAg Nexus Project

On International Women’s Day, we honour the steps we have made towards gender equality and the crucial roles women play across all sectors of society, including science, technology, and sustainable development. This year, we highlight the contributions of the FrontAg Nexus project—an initiative that embodies the spirit of innovation and collaboration between diverse groups, including many brilliant women scientists and researchers.

The FrontAg Nexus project, funded under the PRIMA program, focuses on the impact of climate-smart and water-saving agriculture in the Mediterranean region. This project not only aims to advance our understanding of sustainable agriculture but also serves as a platform for empowering women. It provides them with the tools and knowledge to lead in fields that are traditionally male-dominated, ensuring they have a voice in shaping our environmental future.

“As women in the heart of FrontAg Nexus, we embody the fusion of interdisciplinary research and economic insight to tackle the WEFE Nexus challenges. Let’s passionately pursue innovation, bring our unique perspectives to light, and fortify our collaboration for a sustainable future.”

“Today, we celebrate the strength and creativity of women everywhere. Our project champions equality and empowerment, striving for a future where every woman can lead, innovate, and inspire. Together, we’re lighting the way to a more inclusive world. Here’s to the extraordinary women who shine every day!”

“Celebrating International Women’s Day, we acknowledge the milestones achieved by women and the journey that lies ahead. It’s a day to empower, support, and work together for a future where equality isn’t an aspiration but a reality for every woman.”

“Women’s collaborative decision-making, marked by active listening and valuing diverse perspectives, leads to stronger, more inclusive solutions. It’s not indecision, but a comprehensive approach that ensures adaptability and success. When women lead, we see decisions that better reflect and serve our diverse world.Let’s empower women to lead, and celebrate the power of diverse voices shaping a brighter future!”

“We are the seeds of change, sowing innovation and nurturing progress. With our passion for the land and commitment to preserving it for future generations, we cultivate not just crops, but also hope and resilience. Together, let’s break barriers, challenge stereotypes & pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future.”

“In FrontAg Nexus, we, as women, unite our unique insights with a shared vision for sustainability, where innovation and respect for the planet are intrinsic. Our understanding of environmental challenges and commitment to inclusive solutions position us as key contributors to a more balanced and respectful world.”

“Today, we celebrate the power of women to weave together diverse fields and lead with wisdom. To every woman driving change: your brilliance lights our path forward!”

“As part of FrontAg Nexus, we aim to make a difference with our interdisciplinary approaches in our mission to build a sustainable future. With our know-how and determination to work together, we will continue to be the pioneer of innovations and developments in the sector.”

“This moment celebrates the resilience and inspiration women bring into our lives and reminds us of the strides we’ve made and the journey ahead for true equality and empowerment. Together, let’s inspire, support, and strive for a future where women stand as equal partners in every aspect of progress and success.”

“Let’s cultivate a future where women nourish ourselves with knowledge, harvest the fruits of our determination and play a central role in shaping sustainable agricultural practices for a better world.”

“Cheers! To women in insect farming. “Embracing entomophagy as a food security measure is cultivating a future where every creature plays a part in transformative food systems.”

“Under the roof of FrontAg Nexus, we are taking great steps towards our sustainability and efficiency goals by combining our knowledge and experience from various disciplines. Together, we are determined to move forward on this important journey by producing innovative solutions.”

Inclusion is key to innovation. The diverse perspectives that women bring to the FrontAg Nexus project enrich our research and boost our impact. By involving more women in science and leadership, we can tackle some of the most pressing challenges of our time more effectively—from water scarcity to food security.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s also pledge to continue supporting and advocating for women in science, research, and leadership roles. Let’s ensure that the next generation of women sees no limits to their ambitions, particularly in contributing to a sustainable and equitable world.


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This project (GA n° [2242]) is part of the PRIMA programme supported by the European Union.

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