Celebrating One Year of the FrontAg Nexus Project: Achievements and Expansions

The first year of the FrontAg Nexus project has been a remarkable journey of groundbreaking research and extensive global engagement. As we reflect on our achievements and progress, we’re thrilled to share how our initiatives have taken shape across different regions, enhancing sustainable agriculture practices and building local capacities.

A year of Scholarly Contributions

The intellectual output of the FrontAg Nexus team has been significant, with the publication of one peer-reviewed paper that adds depth to academic discussions on sustainable agricultural technologies. Additionally, our team developed three detailed posters and delivered over six presentations at various international conferences, further spreading our findings and insights.

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Active Participation and Outreach

Our project’s presence has been robust, with participation in more than 18 conferences, events, and fairs. These platforms have not only allowed us to share our insights but also to absorb knowledge from other leaders in the field, ensuring our approaches remain innovative and effective.

Webinars and Collaborations

Collaboration is at the heart of our outreach efforts. This year, we co-organised four series of webinars with fellow EU projects, which facilitated a rich exchange of ideas and best practices. These interactions have played a crucial role in shaping our project’s direction and strategies.

Media Engagement and Publicity

The experiment of farming outside the soil in Tunisia

The FrontAg Nexus project has garnered attention beyond the academic world, with two features in magazines and a television interview, broadening our impact and public engagement.

Building Capacity and Demonstrations

A key component of our project has been building capacity through three specific activities integrated into our demonstration cases. We have established and now operate fully functional demonstration cases in Italy, Tunisia, Morocco, and Israel, each tailored to address the unique challenges and leverage local strengths.

Progress Across Countries

The momentum continues as we expand our demonstration network. In Turkey, two cases are underway; one with EUROSOLAR Türkiye is almost ready, and the other is set to start soon. Jordan is also in the early stages of building its demonstration case, promising to enrich our project with diverse insights and results.

Consistent Communication

Our project thrives on consistent and open communication, underscored by weekly meetings that keep our team aligned and responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

The first year of the FrontAg Nexus project has laid a strong foundation for continued innovation and impact. With demonstration cases across multiple countries and ongoing community and academic engagements, we are poised for another year of significant advancements in sustainable agriculture.

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