Farming of the Future: The Frontier Agriculture Taşarası Village Project

Settled in Taşarası Village, EUROSOLAR Türkiye is launching a unique agricultural project. We’re merging traditional farming with cutting-edge sustainable methods inside a special greenhouse. This blog offers a sneak peek into this transformative venture and the community-driven spirit that fuels it.

Innovative Farming Setup

At the core of our project is aquaponics, an innovative farming technique that combines fish farming (aquaculture) with soil-less plant farming (hydroponics). Inside our greenhouse, this system features a deep water setup and two gravel beds that rise and fall with water (ebb and flow system). This method is efficient, saving space and resources, making it ideal for sustainable growth.


Right next to the greenhouse, we have the area, which includes a large tank for the fish and a clever filtration system made up of several components: a radial upflow filter, a sand filter, and mineralisation tanks. This setup keeps the water clean and the fish healthy, which in turn helps the plants grow better because they use this water.

Versatile Container Uses

The containers near the greenhouse are multipurpose. They are used for storing tools and holding training sessions. This adaptability is a testament to our commitment to community involvement and educational outreach.

Detailed Construction Process

The construction of our demonstrators has been a meticulous process:

1. We began by determining the optimal orientation for our greenhouse, followed by its assembly.

2. The first task post-assembly involved pouring concrete into a blue barrel to allow adequate drying time. 

3. Next, we marked the IBC tanks and made detailed drawing for the pipe inlets and outlets on the blue barrels.

4. Installation of the pipe inlets on the barrels was conducted sequentially, guided by and instructional PDF.

5. We installed the media bed, water inlet pipes for the Deppe Water Culture (DWC), and the return pipe system to the sump tank. We also mounted pond liners onto the beds. 

6. Gravel stones were placed into the media bed and sand filter. 

7. After setting up the system’s pipe connections and adding the gravel stones, we filled the system with water to ensure it functioned properly without leaks. 

Community Collaboration

Our project is as much about building community as it is about farming. From filling up the fish tank for the first time to constructing mechanisms for the plant beds everyone was there to help. We also share moments of community bonding, like meals shared with the villagers, which show the welcoming and cooperative spirit of Taşarası.


The Frontier Agriculture Taşarası Village Project by EUROSOLAR Türkiye represents more than just agricultural innovation; it’s a blueprint for future farming and community engagement. This initiative not only tests new farming technologies but also strengthens community ties with nature and technology.

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