Repousser les frontières de l'agriculture intelligente face au climat en Méditerranée

En un coup d'œil

Démonstration des impacts socio-économiques et écologiques de l'approche des Nexus eau, énergie, alimentation et écosystème (WEFE) au niveau de la production agricole et des politiques dans les régions méditerranéennes.

FrontAg Nexus is a project co-funded by the EU program PRIMA. Starting in May 2023, it will focus on sustainable agri-food practices, and will address the pressing challenges of climate change, natural resource scarcity, and food insecurity in the Mediterranean region, particularly in Israel, Italy, Morocco, Tunisia, Türkiye and Jordan.

Years Of Experience

Agriculture frontalière

Climate-smart and water-saving
agri-food technologies

The Mediterranean region, a climate change hotspot, is facing numerous difficulties within its food systems. FrontAg Nexus aims to help shape the food production by incorporating climate-smart and water-saving technologies, such as hydroponics, aquaponics, recirculating aquaculture, vermiculture, and insect farming for feed and fertiliser.

The project’s expected impacts include increased resilience to climate change and improved socio-economic conditions for vulnerable populations. FrontAg Nexus will introduce renewable energy sources, promote climate neutrality, control harmful substances, and increase the availability of nutritious and safe foods. With the adoption of a water, energy, food, and ecosystem (WEFE) Nexus thinking and a participatory multi-actor and multi-contextual approach, the project will contribute to food and nutrition security through year-round production of fish protein, vegetables, and fruits.

FrontAg Nexus strives to address the challenges within the European food systems

by utilising

  • hydroponics,
  • aquaponics,
  • insect farming,
  • vermiculture and
  • (agro)photovoltaic,

and fostering collaboration among all relevant stakeholders along the supply and value chain, including refugees, women and young adults, start-ups, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Projects basic Info

Section 1 – Nexus theme 2022
Topic 1.4.1-2022 (IA) Predicting and testing options of socio-economic adaptation to declining Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystem (WEFE) resources in the Mediterranean Region
3 years
Start Day
01 May 2023
Overall Budget
€ 3,206,895.00
Funding Under
PRIMA programme supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

Partenaires du projet FrontAg Nexus

Le consortium FrontAg Nexus réunit 10 partenaires dotés de compétences et de ressources multidisciplinaires provenant du monde universitaire, de l'industrie et des communautés de recherche dans divers domaines d'expertise.