TASK 2.2 LEADER "Leverage prototypes/proofs of concept for frontier agricultural innovations"

Aquaponics systems at the cutting edge of current reasearch

aquaponik manufaktur GmbH was founded to plan, build, monitor and maintain aquaponics systems of every conceivable size. As different as the requirements of hobbyists and food producers are, our solutions are just as different. Here we introduce our employees and our partners. Including our partners in research and development as well as our most important suppliers for the required modules.

In order to build up a maximum of specialist knowledge right from the start, we began investing in research and development immediately after the foundation. This included the training of a pHd doctoral student who has since been researching and publishing in the field of aquaponics together with other scientists. We have already had several opportunities with the company to participate in the realization of scientific publications.