WP2 Leader “Monitoring and optimizing outcomes of frontier agriculture through WEFE resource indicators”

Task 1.1 Leader “Systematic literature review (SLR) of frontier agriculture systems and empirical evidence in the Mediterranean Region”

Where new knowledge is born and developed

The Department of Agri-Food Science and Technology was born of the University reorganisation following the Gelmini Reforms: two departments were formed from the five existing ones, which were then combined into an integrated department incorporating all the teaching and research activities of the agricultural area. The department boasts strong research activities with more than twelve million Euros in annual revenues for research projects. Among these, it coordinates 12 European projects and is a partner in 34. It has just won 6 Prima and 12 PRIN. Distal is 2018-2022 Department of Excellence for MIUR and has contributed significantly to the University of Bologna attaining 48th position in the “Agriculture & Forestry” sector of QS World University Ranking 2018.