Improve livelihoods and reduce the pressure on WEFE resources.

שיפור ייצור מזון תוך שימוש מושכל במים ואנרגיה יתרום
להפחתת הלחץ על מערכות אקולוגיות וכן יתרום ל:

בטחון מזון ושיפור תזונה
ייצירת משרות
חיזוק מיומנויות

Food & nutrition security

FrontAg Nexus is dedicated to addressing the crucial issue of food and nutrition security in the Mediterranean Region.

By harnessing sustainable frontier agriculture production systems, we aim to increase regional food availability and access while ensuring environmental conservation.

Through innovative approaches such as hydroponics, aquaponics, insect farming/vermiculture, and agriphotovoltaic systems, FrontAg Nexus demonstrates the potential to produce safe and nutritious food with reduced pressure on scarce resources.

By incorporating frontier agricultural solutions and sharing best practices, we promote socio-innovative adaptation experiments and enable communities to improve their livelihood security.

Our capacity building activities empower producers and policymakers to integrate frontier agriculture into their practices and policies.

By embracing a comprehensive Water-Energy-Food-Ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus approach, FrontAg Nexus seeks to enhance the socio-economic wellbeing of all stakeholders while safeguarding the environment.

Join us in our mission to transform food and nutrition security in the Mediterranean region. Together, we can shape a sustainable future where nutritious food is accessible to all, while preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

ייצירת משרות

FrontAg Nexus is committed to fostering job creation and economic opportunities in the agricultural sector.

By promoting sustainable frontier agriculture production systems, we aim to generate employment opportunities and stimulate local economies in the Mediterranean Region.

Through the adoption of hydroponics, aquaponics, insect farming, and agriphotovoltaic systems, FrontAg Nexus opens up new avenues for entrepreneurship and business development.

These climate-smart technologies require specialised knowledge and skills, creating a demand for trained professionals and generating employment opportunities in farming, technology implementation, and related sectors.

We prioritise capacity-building activities, providing training and support to individuals and communities interested in embracing frontier agriculture, empowering them to contribute to sustainable job growth.

By engaging with startups, SMEs, and industry stakeholders, we create synergies that foster innovation, investment, and job creation in the agricultural sector.

Join us in our mission to drive job creation and economic growth in the agricultural sector. Together, we can unlock the potential of frontier agriculture, create sustainable livelihoods, and build resilient communities for a prosperous future.


FrontAg Nexus is dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting aspiring innovators in the agricultural sector.

Through our focus on frontier agriculture and cutting-edge technologies, we provide a platform for entrepreneurial individuals and startups to explore innovative solutions and enterprising opportunities.

FrontAg Nexus offers a range of support mechanisms, including training, knowledge sharing, and capacity-building activities, to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary skills, expertise, and resources to launch and scale their ventures.

We foster collaboration and networking opportunities, connecting entrepreneurs with industry experts, investors, and potential partners to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.

By embracing frontier agriculture, entrepreneurs can leverage sustainable practices, technological advancements, and market demand for climate-smart solutions to develop unique business models and capitalise on emerging market trends.

Whether you are a budding agricultural entrepreneur or an established business looking to diversify, FrontAg Nexus offers a supportive ecosystem where ideas can flourish, innovations can thrive, and entrepreneurship can blossom.

Join us in unlocking the entrepreneurial potential of the agricultural sector. Together, we can drive innovation, create economic opportunities, and shape a more sustainable and resilient future for agriculture and entrepreneurship.

חיזוק מיומנויות

FrontAg Nexus is committed to enhancing skills and fostering continuous learning in the agricultural sector to adapt to the evolving demands of frontier agriculture and the water-energy-food-ecosystems (WEFE) Nexus.

Through comprehensive online and onsite training and support, and capacity-building activities, FrontAg Nexus provides opportunities for skill enhancement across various areas of expertise in frontier agriculture.

Whether you are a farmer, researcher, policymaker, or industry professional, FrontAg Nexus offers a platform for acquiring new skills, upgrading existing knowledge, and staying up-to-date with the latest developments in frontier agriculture.

FrontAg Nexus’s training initiatives cover a wide range of topics, including climate-smart technologies, sustainable resource management, and innovative farming practices.

Participants will have access to expert-led workshops, hands-on demonstrations, practical training sessions, and a knowledge-sharing repository, enabling them to gain valuable insights and develop essential competencies.

FrontAg Nexus fosters a multi-actor approach, creating opportunities for networking, peer learning, and sharing best practices among experts, researchers, industry leaders, and fellow professionals.

Join us on this transformative journey where skill enhancement is a pathway to building a resilient, skilled workforce. Together, we can unlock the full potential of frontier agriculture and create a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

ההשפעה של חקלאות פורצת דרך בהקשר של חסכון במים והתאמה אקלימית על מערכות שונות (WEFE Nexus) באזור הים תיכוני

פרויקט ה FrontAg עושה שימוש בחשיבה רב מערכתית בהיבטים של מים, אנרגיה מזון ומערכות אקולוגיות בכדי לפתח חקלאות פורצת דרך המותאמת לאזור הים התיכון, תוך התמקדות בטכנולוגיות שלוקחות בחשבון שינויי אקלים וחיסכון במים. הפתרונות החקלאים אותם אנו מפתחים יעזרו להתמודד עם האתגרים המזומנים לחקאות, כגון שינויי אקלים, מחסור במשאבי טבע, זמינות קרקעות, פסולת, וחוסר ביטחון תזונתי. .