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Recovering After a Windstorm: Actions for Strength at ElBosten Phytagri

Recently, a strong wind swept through ElBosten Phytagri’s demonstration case area, causing significant damage to a greenhouse dedicated to pitayas. The unexpected incident prompted the team to evaluate its readiness to manage such emergencies within its budget constraints.

Unveiling the Future of Sustainable Living in UNIBO

At FrontAg Nexus, we’re excited to showcase the innovative strides made by our partner, the University of Bologna (UNIBO), in fostering sustainable agricultural solutions. Let’s take a visual journey through their demonstration sites!

PRIMA Program and Wefe4med Project Co-Creation Workshop

We are thrilled to announce that FrontAg Nexus was part of the co-creation workshop with the goal of establishing a dynamic WEFE Community of Practice, facilitated by the Prima Program and the Wefe4med project.